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Pyewacket – Local Monterey Cat – Living Life June 18, 2011

Cat in harness with leash

Cat Walking - The Latest Trend

Cat on a Leash, at the Beach and on the Dashboard

reprint from Monterey County Weekly Animal Blog

Have you walked your cat lately? Many cats live their life looking through windows. Others get to roam free. And then we have those who get to travel everywhere.

Advertisement Beware Bacteria – for Doggy Beach Lovers August 12, 2010

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First it was San Carlos and Lover’s Point Beaches where Monterey County Health Department officials warned they’d found elevated bacteria levels early Tuesday, Aug. 10. Later in the day, they posted similar warnings at Seaside’s Monterey Beach Hotel.

Officials warn against swimming at the posted beaches or having contact with storm drain water.

Sea creatures like seals, otters or birds could be the source of the bacteria, according to health officials, who say it could also come  from rainwater runoff or storm drains.

The Monterey County Health Department’s beach hotline is available at 800-347-6363 for information and updates.

By Robin Urevich