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Dog-Friendly California Destinations July 25, 2012

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Bay Area Pet Day Care Centers January 25, 2012

Here are some links to some of the Best Bay Area Pet Day Care Centers if you happen to find the need, or frequently visit the area.

K9 Country Club & Kitty Spa

The Wag Hotel


A Girl and Your Dog

Dog Pile Dogs

Interview Questions for Doggie Day Care: PetMD Doggie Day Care Questions


Future decrease on our Pet-Friendly beaches April 7, 2011

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Limited DogPrints

Prepare for a future decrease on our Pet-Friendly Beaches, in anticipation to our rising sea levels due to

Global Warming.


Lost & Found Pets: What to do? January 26, 2011

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Lassie come home

Please come home!

Here is an informative list of important procedures to take immediately when losing a pet:

Get the word out early. This is key to getting your dog/cat back safely. Don’t assume & don’t wait around to see if he’ll find his way home. As soon as you are aware that your pet is missing, GET THE WORD OUT! Find good, clear photos to have on hand just in case, and ALWAYS make sure your dogs and cats are wearing a collar with identification tags. Microchipping is an excellent form of identification, but make sure your pet has a visible collar and tags.

  • Make posters, and lots of them. Keep it simple: “LOST DOG (or cat)!” should be at the top in large, easy to read, (even from a moving vehicle) bold letters. Then include a brief description or breed type: “Beige, wire-haired terrier ” or “Striped grey and black short-haired cat “. Don’t assume that people will know your particular pure breed, so always include a description. Include the animal’s name, it may make it easier for someone to call your pet over and capture him, and it also makes your pet into a valued member of your family, and not just another lost animal statistic. Offer a reward, don’t state how much in the ad, and include your telephone number in large numbers at the bottom of the poster.
  • Make dozens of index cards with the same information as above, and go to every home, in every direction from the site of where your pet disappeared, and give a card, or stick a card under doors or on windshields. Stop and speak with every person you encounter –the more people know about your lost pet, the more likely the one person who spots him will call you. Your pet may be frightened, ask people to please check their barns and sheds, especially at night.
  • Place a “Lost ” ad in your local newspaper the very first morning your pet is gone. These ads are usually free.
  • GET THE WORD OUT! The more people know you have lost a pet, and that you are upset, worried and desperately trying to find your pet, the more people will call you if they see an animal in the woods or on the road, or in their backyard.
  • Get out and call for your pet by name. Enlist family and friends to canvas the neighborhood, in all directions, on the roads and as the crow flies. Don’t try to predict where your pet could or wouldn’t have gone –YOU NEVER KNOW. The best time to call for your pet is at night, and at dawn. If you are calling from your car, drive slowly, roll down all the windows, stop and turn your vehicle off frequently to listen.
  • Call all your neighbors personally.
  • Call all veterinary clinics, including emergency veterinary hospitals outside your local area. Sometimes people pick up a stray and drive it to a distant clinic. Call all animal shelters and animal control and dog control officers, all local police and state troopers, all local kennels, the highway department, dog training clubs, grooming shops get the word out.
  • Visit all local dog pounds and animal shelters, don’t rely on their information, go through and look at all dogs and cats, DAILY.
  • Don ‘t give up!
  • Dogs and cats often wander far away, and do things you wouldn’t predict they would do. Try everything, look everywhere, tell everyone. You’d be surprised how many people will be supportive, will get out and help you look, will offer words of encouragement and hope, will suggest places to look that other stray animals have gone.
  • Even the friendliest and most social pet may quickly become terrified and wild. Your own friendly pet, when lost, may hide from people, run away if he sees a person, he may even run away from you. Don’t chase after a lost pet –they are much faster than we are and you’ll only scare them more. Instead, sit on the ground; talk in normal tones, repeating his name and familiar phrases over and over again. A frightened animal will usually stick around, and after a few minutes or hours,come closer and closer.
  • In rare cases, you may need to rent or purchase a Humane Live trap, and set it to capture a terrified lost pet. Local animal shelters often rent or loan these, and will have an appropriate size for a dog or a cat.
  • Again, DON’T GIVE UP! Be aggressive in your search, get lots of help, get the word out right away – don’t wait a few hours “to see if he’ll come home on his own “– you need those early hours to put up posters and give out cards.

The methods above can be followed if you have Found a Pet as well. Here are two other Guides to aid you in finding a lost pet with a fee.





The Intelligence of Canine Minds January 19, 2011

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Dog getting clicker training. Tika, the 3-year...

Clicker Training

Check out this wonderful article on researching Dog’s Intelligence from the NY times, printed January 17th.


Three ‘LOCAL” Weekend Events! August 21, 2010

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August 21, National Homeless Pet Day. (“National Homeless Pet Day” was created in 1992 to publicize dog and cat overpopulation and to emphasize the importance of spaying and neutering companion animals. If you are interested in adopting a homeless animal, visit VOLUNTEER – DONATE LOCALLY for some local resources.)

A big event will be held at From the Heart Dog Training – This year’s theme is Safari.  They’ll have candle lighting, silent auction, food, fun, raffle, informational booths, and much, much more.  Join from 12pm until 4:30pm. Where: From the Heart Training Center at 561 Brunken Ave Ste H, Salinas, CA

From the Heart Dog Training and Paws at Play Doggie Daycare
Phone: 783-0818

On Aug 21st at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor a unique and one of a kind dog show will give you an opportunity to join your “best friend” on a Stand Up Paddle Board an vie for the title of “Best in Show!!”

The venue for the “Dogjam Paddle and Surf Show” is the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, Saturday, August 21, 2010, 9 a.m.

Santa Cruz’s first Man/Woman & Dog paddle and surf show, with proceeds to benefit the Santa Cruz SPCA!

Grab your board and your dog, if you don’t have a dog, then borrow one from your family, friends or neighbors, and come on out for some fun!

Check-In Begins: 7:30 am

Show Begins: 9:00 am – Noon.

The entry fee is $45 and includes a goodie bag, t-shirt, and entry to the after-party at Johnny’s Harborside Cafe.

The DogJam Surf and Paddle Show will feature local celebrity judges, as well as local surf dogs such as Tugboat, “Duke” Kahanamoku, Corgy Carroll, and Micky “Da Cat Named Dog” Dora who will be competing for maximum scores in fun categories such as, most obedient, least obedient, best mirror image (dog/handle look alike), and most original costume, and of course Best in Show to name but a few. Read more Here:

Looks Like Fun!


Katrina Rescue Remembered – the people who rescued dogs and the dogs that survived the devastation.

Where: at The San Lorenzo River Benchlands – 701 Ocean street, Santa Cruz  Time: 10:00 to 3:00 pm

Activities Include: Dog-A-Thon walk, Parade of Katrina Survivors, vendor booths, scent tracking demonstration, dog psychic, agility course, doggie free style demonstration, donor raffle, doggie fashion show, bobbing for hot dogs, plus fun and games, and much much MORE!